Small Home, Big Appeal

Are they cute? Most definitely. Are they comfy? Well, yes. But are tiny homes and cottages really all that? The truth is that there are many benefits to tiny living. The old saying about good things coming in small packages certainly applies, but it goes so much deeper than that.

Fiscal Responsibility

One thing that most everyone can agree on is that the more house you purchase, the higher the cost is going to be. In a market where housing can easily cost into the $500k+ range or higher, is this really a sustainable way to live? Sure, you may get a four bedroom, three bath monster of a house. What will it cost you though? If the kids are grown and moved out on their own, will you just fill up the bedrooms with stuff? Imagine downsizing to a tiny home. You would be able to sell your house and buy a new smaller home with money left to spend on decorating and furnishing it however you like. Depending on how much you make from the sale of your previous home, you may also find that you have money left over… money that can be saved for a rainy day, retirement, etc.

Energy Efficiency

Being energy efficient is another huge benefit to tiny home living. Going back to the example of a four bedroom, three bath house – it’s not hard to imagine how much it would cost to both heat and cool a home of this size. Depending on where you live, heating and/or cooling could cost you a literal ton of money. By living smaller you will be able to keep your heating and cooling costs down. Imagine cutting your bills in half or even less! This is certainly possible depending on the size of the tiny house you choose.

Environmentally Minded

Reducing the size of your home and reducing the amount of resources you require in order to heat and cool that home both help to have another great effect. You will be reducing your carbon footprint. Smaller homes make it much easier to do so. Not only will you save the amount of stress you are putting on the grid, you’ll reduce the amount of building materials you use meaning less trees to cut down for lumber. Depending upon your area, you may even be able to completely leave the grid by installing solar panels or wind turbines for energy, rain barrels for water collection, and even composting toilets all depending on how environmentally friendly you want to be.

Reduced Stress

With a large house you have quite a bit of cleaning and upkeep to worry with. A smaller home means much less worry. Imagine being able to clean your home in no time at all, freeing you up to do other things than having to constantly take care of things. You’ll also be able to declutter much more easily which can also help decrease your stress levels.

No matter what your reason for choosing tiny home living, you can be sure that the benefits of such will make it worth your time. It can save you money, reduce your stress levels, and help you to do your part in reducing your impact on the environment.