Home buying can be a daunting task no matter what size place you are seeking. There are many moving parts that go into the process. This can make it seem more than a bit overwhelming. Tiny home buying can be just the same. At the same time, if you go into the process armed with a bit of foreknowledge it can make a world of difference and turn the chore into something fun and exciting in a great way.

Finding the Perfect Spot
The first thing you should find out is where you want to place your new small house. Are you going to buy a piece of property and have one set in place? Is it going to be placed in an existing tiny cottage community? Or will you be looking for a home already established in a community? Knowing this ahead of time can save you time and even possibly money as you’ll have more time to ensure the spot is right for your needs.

Choosing the Right Style
Yes, a tiny home is just that – it’s a small house that by design takes up much less space than its bigger, more spendy kin. That said, there is a degree of leeway in just how much space you can get in a small house. Many park model home builders for example offer models with either one or two bedrooms. You can also find these homes with optional porch packages, decks, storage sheds, and more. You may find a model with a loft style sleeping area. This could be great for younger couples able to go up and down stairs or a ladder. An older couple may want or need a model where the bedroom is on ground level. No matter the style you choose, make sure it fits your needs as well as your sense of style.

To Work with a Realtor or Not?
This can be a toughy. And the answer? It can depend heavily on several factors. A realtor may be able to help you find an already established home that may or may not be easily found on the already over saturated market. They may also be able to help suggest potential lenders, help you identify an area where you have access to desired services, and more. On the other hand, there are some fees that can go into working with a realtor. Unfortunately, this is one of those decisions that is very personal from buyer to buyer. Just make sure to weigh the pros and cons before making it.

Selecting a new tiny home can be just as daunting a task as buying a full size home. IF you go into it unprepared that is. Take time to sit down and think about the various items we listed above and you will find that the process isn’t as tough or scary as you first thought. One way to save a good deal of time and aggravation is to buy an existing home already set up in a good community. Check out some of the homes we offer here for anĀ  idea of what these would look like.