Less Really IS More

Look around your home and tell me what you see… if you’re like a great deal of the rest of folks the answer is “a lot.” Do you find that you have a ton of furniture that simply serves to collect dust? How about a lot of somewhat collectables that really don’t have much meaning to you, but you just can’t seem to let them go? Are your heating and cooling costs high because of the amount of unused space in your home? Well, next time you consider an upgrade for your home think about this… why not upgrade your home by downsizing?

Tiny Homes – Big Living

The tiny home movement has been in full swing now for quite some time. Initially, some pushed back against these smaller, much more manageable houses due to the perception that they could cause other homes to lose their value. The opposite is proving to be true. Market studies are showing that tiny houses are actually gaining in value markedly faster than their larger counterparts. This could be largely due to the fact that a high quality home is just that, no matter the size. It could also be because the money that is saved on the overall structure of the home can then be spent making all sorts of upgrades to your new tiny cottage. Imagine having a super glamorous home that you’d have never afforded before because your money was eaten up by building costs.

Not Your Ancestors’ Tiny Home

In the past, many of our families lived in small houses or cabins. Your dining area and kitchen were one in the same. Many times, the kids slept in a loft area above the main living area. Before the tiny home movement really started generating steam, some people used to think that living small like our ancestors did must have been terrible. What if they were on to something though? Living like that allowed them to conserve resources making the process of getting a home built much quicker and more affordable. Doesn’t that idea appeal to us today? With a tiny house you can get a home that you love at a price you can afford. At the same time, you’re also doing your part to help our world by not using the resources that might otherwise go into building a huge home.

It Really IS Easy Being Green

Speaking of saving resources… There’s no denying that home building can take a huge amount of resources including timber. While trees are renewable, at the rate of use we see from the building industry many sources of timber are being stressed. By choosing to build smaller, you are helping reduce this stress on timber producers. This gives timber time to regrow naturally. This in turn provides added areas for wildlife to live and thrive. This can go for other materials used in building your home as well. Choosing a tiny home allows you to go green by reducing your consumption of resources. It also reduces your overall carbon footprint as you aren’t paying to heat or cool as much house as you would with a larger home. This means that going green really IS easy… as easy as choosing a new tiny cottage.