You’ve done it. You’ve made the decision to move into tiny living and actually done it! While there can be a bit of acclimation that may take a little time, overall the move into a tiny cottage is relatively easy. You’ve downsized, gotten rid of all the unnecessary stuff, and… the place feels kind of, well, small. Sure, it’s a small home, but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Tiny living spaces can be made to feel much larger than they are with just a bit of planning and a couple changes you can really open up the space even more.

Blue Skies

One way to help open up your small living space involves adding a skylight. Skylights can offer several bonuses starting with the natural light they can bring to your home. Natural lighting can make a small area feel much larger. It can also help by offering a means for additional ventilation depending on the style you choose. Some brands feature remote controls that can allow you to open and close your skylight with ease. Natural lighting has also been proven to help improve moods and may even help to alleviate depression.

Speaking of Blue Skies

Windows are also a great way to get a more open feel to your small living space. Make sure that you have an ample number of windows in your living space, and you’ll see a huge difference in the feel of it. Windows offer an additional way to decorate your space as well. The natural light they allow in will brighten up the space, but you could also add decorations like stained glass as well. A beautiful stained glass window can be an awesome conversation piece and can bring an added touch of class.

Storage Space Secrets

Having a ton of stuff piled around your small living space can make it seem smaller than it is. That’s why creative storage solutions can be so important for tiny home dwellers. The types of storage available will depend heavily on your home’s model, but rest assured there is much more space than you may first imagine. When paired with the right chairs or couch, low sided storage bins can help get extra toys out of the way. They can also work for keeping magazines, craft supplies, or other such items that you’d like to keep close at hand.┬áHave a sleeping loft in your small cottage? Why not add shelves or drawer space underneath your stairs or ladder? The more you can store out of the way, the larger your space will feel.

One of the big secrets to successfully living big in a tiny home involves changing how you think about the space you have and how it can be utilized. By looking at the space you have and taking into account any potential for opening up the space, you’ll quickly find that you can help your home seem much larger than it may be. Add bright and cheerful art to your walls or try changing up your paint colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit with different ideas.