Big Savings

So, you’ve heard all the hype about Tiny Living and are now ready to find out what’s involved. Reduced clutter, lower utility bills, less cleaning… all these big savings sound great. But wait, what about your garden you love so much? If you make the move to a small cottage or tiny home, will you have to give up your garden?

It’s All About Space

No matter the size of your house, gardening is tied directly to the amount of space you have available. Just because you’re downsizing, you may not have to give up your garden. In fact, you may find that you have even more room for one.

Depending on your location, you may have several options available to you. Window boxes¬†are one such option. They can allow you space off the ground where you can grow herbs, loose leaf lettuce types, green onions, and garlics if you’re looking to reduce your grocery bill.

If decorative gardening is more your passion, then petunias, verbena, coleus, and pansies are all great choices.

Keep in mind that whether you’re choosing which veggies or flowers to plant you’ll need to find out which thrive best in your particular location.

If your space allows, you may consider small raised beds for your plants. Since they sit on the ground you can plant a great deal more in them. They can support heavier plants, whether it’s head lettuce or decorative sunflowers.

One thing you’ll want to do is be sure you build your raised beds or window boxes so that they can drain if needed. Without proper drainage both can hold water which in turn can damage or kill your plants.

Privacy Wall or Fence

These structures offer another great space for gardening. You can attach planters to them then add plants that need room to cascade. The effect can be absolutely gorgeous with just a bit of time and attention. One thing to pay attention to will be overall weight. You’ll not want to add too much, or your wall or fence could collapse.

Rooftops and Beyond

The great thing about Tiny Home living is that you can get very creative with your spaces. Some homes may incorporate rooftop gardens in their design. Others may include a rainwater collection system that will make watering your garden more eco- friendly. Built- in garden tool and supply storage under your steps? Why not?

There’s an unfortunate train of thought that says if you choose to live tiny you’ll have to give up the things you love. The great thing is that this is far from the truth. Sure, you may have to get a bit creative if you want to store your complete works of the literary greats, but it can be done.

The same goes for gardening. As long as your location allows, you can plant and grow to your heart’s delight. It all comes down to how creative and how busy you want to be! Having a tiny home doesn’t mean you’re locked into having a tiny garden.