It’s really funny to think that when conversations about transitioning into a small home happen they tend to center on downsizing, getting rid of unnecessary stuff, and simplifying your life. There are many who move into a small home or tiny cottage who never stop to consider… what about my pet? Can tiny home living be truly possible for the pet lovers out there? Well… of course it can. There are just a few things you’ll want to take into account when you bring your pets on your tiny house journey.

Large Pets

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway!) that not all pet types are suited for just any living arrangement. You wouldn’t want to keep a very large pet in what could end up being a confined space, right? They deserve the room to move around and depend on us to remember to provide this. That being said, large pets like very big dog breeds, large pot bellied pigs, and such may not be very well suited for your new tiny home. Or are they? If your home has the ability to offer unfettered access to the outdoors – your large pets can come and go outside as they please, then having them in a small indoor space may not be as difficult. They can romp in the yard and then come in for naps and nibbles.

Finny Friends

A pet type that may seem like a slam dunk choice? Fish. I mean, they’re pretty small and unassuming, right? They may though require a lot more work than you would expect if you want to keep your fishy friends in a tiny home. Since space in a small house is somewhat limited, you have to consider whether there will be room for a fish tank of any size. Fish that require a large aeration system may not fit as readily in your space as a tank of goldfish that are able to surface breath and don’t require the amount of oxygenation that other fish may need. The layout of your home could have a huge part to play here as well. Have a sleeping loft? You could consider building your fish tank into an area under your stairs as part of the design. Have small fish? a custom fish tank built into a wall could be perfect.


What can we say about cats? They are independent. They have their own agendas. And they can be purr-fectly suited for tiny home living. Whether your home is a park model type or a micro-house, there’s plenty of room for these fur-babies. Consider adding shelves along the wall that your cats can use as a… well, a catwalk. This will help them stay from under foot and allow them to survey their domain from above. But what about their litter box? This can be an easy win. Simple. You can place it in a lower cupboard and add an access hole. This will give your kitty privacy to do their business while also keeping out any kids or doggies.

Other Pets?

No matter what pet you may enjoy, there may be opportunities to help them enjoy your new life together in your small home. Just remember, if you’re not comfortable they likely aren’t either. Be mindful of their space requirement and many of their needs for safety and even privacy. You do these things and you’ll find that they will acclimate to their new home quite easily.