Storage is one of the greatest concerns that people voice when making the decision to live in a tiny home or cottage. The decision to live in smaller home means that holding on to everything is not feasible when making a change in lifestyle. The good thing is that creativity can abound when it comes to finding ways to increase your storage space.

Finding a creative solution for storage isn’t hard. Look around and you’ll find ideas everywhere. The tiny home movement is one that understands the needs involved in making a switch to this style of living. That said, small home dwellers can be very creative when it comes to solutions for storage problems. No matter what size home you may choose, there are plenty of great ways to increase your storage space without feeling cluttered.

General Storage Ideas

Bathroom Examples

  • Use a wire over the faucet shower rack that has two to three shelves for storage of bath products. This will help reduce clutter in the bathroom. It also will prevent any mildew build up that might occur on the bottom of the bottles.
  • A slim cabinet or a 3 tier decorative wire rack for linen works well. Try rolling the linen to give it an uncluttered feel.
  • If you have the space, try using a vanity cabinet that you can mount between the studs. Especially one with shelves behind the mirror. This will lay flat on wall helping maintain the appearance of an uncluttered bathroom.

Bedroom Examples

  • One of the greatest wastes of storage space can be the area under the bed itself. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a loft or platform bed. Utilizing the large area under the bed can help you add a great amount of storage space.
  • There are many methods to raising the area of the bed. Using risers and such can help add even more space for storing everything from winter quilts and clothing to food stores.
  • Look up. Don’t be afraid to hang shelving close to the ceiling in order to get things out from under foot.

Kitchen Examples

  • The kitchen is a great place for added storage. Look at adding features such as pull out drawers in your cabinet space. Use every inch of space within the cabinet as well as the space under and over them.
  • A fold down table for dining can save floor space and can act as a means of increasing counter space as needed.
  • If you have an overhead area above kitchen counter try adding shelving or use this area for hanging pots and more.
  • You can also add corner shelving to your outer cabinets to add more space.

There are a great many ways to find ample storage space within your new home. It just takes a little imagination (and looking at ideas that others have found that works for them) to inspire you.

One thing to keep in mind is that that increasing your storage space should not mean adding so much that you feel cluttered and overwhelmed.