Green Thumb, Small Space

You’ve got your tiny cottage just perfect. The right colors, the right decor… everything is like you want it. Well, almost everything. How about your landscaping? Do you have the plants you want? Are you going with shrubs? Do you know which ones your community will allow? Here’s some tips to help make picking landscaping for your tiny garden a bit easier.

Community Requirements

Some communities will have guidelines on what sort of landscaping you may add to your lot. Make sure to check with your tiny home community to see what standards they may have in place. Some standards adopted by communities will often include whether or not you can have hedges or shrubs, the types and/or amount of plants you may have in your yard. Such standards may dictate to some degree what you will choose.

Environmental Considerations

Where you live can also play a role in the plants that you choose. In the Carolinas, for example, a wide range of plants may flourish. If your tiny home is somewhere that’s more cool throughout the year however you might have to choose heartier types of plants. Make sure to run a quick search on the Internet and find out which plants are more likely to thrive in your area. This can save you both time and a lot of money in the long run.

Space Requirements

Let’s face it… plants are a lot like people in some respects and living space is no exception. Some plants do extremely well in small spaces. Others need much more room to spread out. If your small cottage or tiny home is located on a very small lot, there may be some plants that you should likely avoid as they could take over the entire space. Not a problem if it is the only plant you’re going for, but not great if you’d like more variety.


Allergens are another thing you should take into account. Even if you don’t have seasonal allergies, heavy pollen may have a detrimental effect on your sinus health. If your lot is on the small side you don’t want to fill it with plants that are huge pollen producers. If you do, you could find yourself quickly overwhelmed. Instead, choose plants that are much more allergen friendly.

Personal Taste

While it seems like there are lots of things to keep in mind when choosing which plants you would like to add to your tiny home space it is really pretty simple. Find those that fit the above items AND that speak to your personal taste. With the vast number of plants available you’ll quickly find that this is much easier to do than you might think. The other great thing is that you can personalize these plants even more by choosing decorating potting solutions. Have a privacy fence? You could add shelf-style pots to the fence which would suit all sorts of flowering vines or veggies like cucumbers, etc. Pots are great for all sorts of flowers, sure. But did you know a large pot could also be used to grow potatoes?

Let your personality show through your decorative touches when it comes to your tiny home garden. It’s a wonderful micro-canvas for sharing with your neighbors and the world!