Fall is upon us. That said, there are steps you’ll want to make sure you’ve taken to prepare your home for the coming changes in weather. Keep in mind that with fall weather approaching, you’ll find that taking care of certain outdoor tasks can become much easier. That being said, let’s dig right in and start getting your small home ready for the coming winter.

Visual Inspection

Before beginning any sort of repairs or cold weather preparations you should do a visual inspection of your tiny home. Take a walk around the outside looking at your exterior walls from the ground up. Take a look at your foundation and see if there are any cracks, etc that may need addressing. All homes, even small ones, can see a degree of shifting or settling over time. Most often than not cracks like this are more of an aesthetic issue, but sometimes they can allow airflow under your home. During the summer this isn’t an issue, but in winter you’ll want things as airtight as possible.

Check your exterior paint for signs that your home may be ready for a new coat or two. Again, this may be a minor issue. Over time however as paint wears and fades it can allow the sun to start affecting the siding itself. Make sure to give your small cottage a good painting as needed to help prevent this.

Trim and seals on your windows and doors should be inspected as well. Look for signs of leakage where these portals may be allowing water to creep into the home. Over time, seals can wear out and may need to be replaced to help prevent this issue.

Putting It Away

Make sure that as you are getting your tiny home ready for the coming winter you are putting away your outdoor items that you won’t need until next year. Roll up your garden hose, emptying it of water. Cover your outside water faucets so that they won’t be susceptible to freezing temps. Any gardening tools like shovels, rakes, etc should be stored as well. Of course, you may need to keep out your leaf rake depending on how many trees you have around the home.

Even though you’ll be putting things away, it can also be time to pull some items out that you may need this winter. Depending on your locale and whether or not you have a wood burning stove in your small home, you may need to get out the fireplace utensils and stock up your woodbox for the upcoming cold period. You may also want to pick up salt if you have a sidewalk you wish to keep free from ice.

One thing to keep in mind is that while you DO have to prepare for winter, the beauty of having a tiny house is that these preparations are so much faster and easier than they are for an old school full sized house. The size difference alone can save you a lot of time, hard work, and money. So, make sure you take some time and watch your friends or family who may be in a larger place… odds are they’ll spend much more than you in preparing their home for winter.