One of the main challenges that tiny homeowners face is storage. First it is downsizing before you move into your new tiny home, and now you must find a solution to where to store what you feel you need. Don’t worry though with a little creativity and a little research you will be amazed at just how much space you will have to store those items.

If you have chosen a plan for your home, you can start here for planning storage. If it is one that has already been built, visit your new home prior to moving in and really look at the space that you have. Go ahead and look at what others have done to come up with creative storage spaces. This can be done by visiting homes of those you know who have already met this challenge. Don’t overlook the internet for finding ideas. Another area is stores that sell space saving pieces. This can give you ideas on how you may can adapt to fit your needs.

Most tiny builders know the challenges that you face with storage and have some unique storage ideals that they know works. Be sure that you talk with them so that if you have a special need, they can help you with finding a solution. If the home is already built that doesn’t mean that adaptions can’t be made. Talk with a professional to see if changes can be made to fit your needs. In most cases this can be done. You don’t want to miss out on a great home just because you need a different storage solution!

Creative Storage Ideas:

  • Stairs: This is a give me. We have all seen the different ways that these can be used for storage.
  • Beds: even if the bed fills the space with a slight raising of the platform and creative mattress ideas this can be a great space for storage. Murphy beds are great and have some areas that can also be used for storage. What about hanging bed that can be moved up when not in use.
  • Walls: Look at areas that are open to a little thinner area for shelving. You don’t want the shelving so wide that it causes the space to feel smaller but what about those that you could fit shoes into. For this look at areas such as in a sleeping loft.
  • Ceilings: This is another area that is often overlooked but with a little creativity can add more storage.

Creative storage for tiny homes can be challenging but with a little thought, research and perseverance solutions can be found. The benefits of tiny home living far outweigh the time spent coming up with storage solutions.