There are many reasons for choosing to live in a smaller home. The tiny home movement has helped us to be more aware of our carbon footprints on the environment, as well as the ever rising cost of living in a larger home. With new opportunity to decide on the type of home that you want cottages can be the perfect choice.

Why choose a cottage? We all have a dream home in mind but that dream home may be just much of a burden due to property tax, upkeep and maintenance financially. It may be that the children are gone, and you just don’t need the hassle or expense of keeping up a large home. Your new choice of living in a smaller home means affordable gracious living. Cottage style homes can provide this for you.

How many times have you and the family went on a vacation to the mountains or near the water and stayed in a small cottage? The ambiance and joy of the small treasures that you encounter are wonderful. This makes for memories to last a lifetime.

Cottage living gives a sense of peace and quiet while still maintaining an active lifestyle.  You feel a warmth and homecoming that is safe and comfortable. Couple with the lower cost of upkeep and maintenance of living in a tiny home will give more time for enjoyment of the world around you. Just think more golfing, fishing, art and crafts. You now have the time to spend on things that you always wanted rather than having to do things to keep the home up.

Owning a small home helps you to simplify your life. Instead of constantly dealing with clutter or trying to just fill space with objects you can take the time to really appreciate what you have. Most of these types of tiny homes have a front porch to sit on enjoying the scenery. Maybe neighbors are walking in the area coming and spending a few minutes to see how you are doing.

Cottage living appeals to first time home buyers as well as empty nesters. The lower cost of building or purchasing a tiny home makes it the perfect choice for first time home buyers. Empty nesters do not need as large a home after the children have moved away. This helps to stretch their retirement income. Who wouldn’t want to stretch their income to make life more enjoyable.